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We'll deal with investors and take care of legal and compliance, AML and KYC policies, and Blockchain application.

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Legal & Compliance

Implementing the Blockchain might mean confronting rules that are not specifically tailored for it, but we can proficiently deal with all the legal aspects for you.

AML & KYC policies

Planning a business and stipulating agreements and policies like AML and KYC is certainly a burden, but our knowledge is at your service, so you can take it easy!

Blockchain support

You will have experienced Blockchain specialists at your side in order to increase your productivity by enforcing reliable and avant-garde technologies.

Why Blockchain ConsultUs?

• Our team of professionals has a multi-disciplinary background
• Our team has 50+ years of combined experience
• No obscure talking: our communication is easy and transparent
• We have deep expertise across all European jurisdictions
• We abide by a Code of Ethical Conduct
• We pay attention to every detail and leave nothing to chance
• You will have a project manager you can always count on

EU Blockchain Consulting experts

At Blockchain ConsultUs, we have a team formed by experienced professionals who worked for decades with partners and clients from all countries of Europe. This gives us a deep knowledge of legislations across the EU, and now we can offer a top-notch service in legal and compliance. We know actual laws are not ready for an innovation such as Blockchain, and this may discourage a lot of entrepreneurs, but this is not a problem, as we can assist you everywhere you are.

We are available 24/7.

What countries do we cover?

The following is a list of countries where we can assist you with our expertise.

"Responsive, knowledgeable and honest"

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"Blockchain ConsultUs is assisting us in expanding our business outside Switzerland, by offering us reliable services to identify the best jurisdictions for our projects and support our operations from there. From company formation to obtain licences, we benefit from their accuracy, professionalism and services tailored for our business"
Roberto Gorini
Founder and CEO, (Switzerland)
"Blockchain ConsultUs' team provide high-level advice and guidance, and if you're unsure about where to run your blockchain or FinTech business from, they are the right persons to talk to. I found them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest."
Marco Lavanna
Founder and Chairman, (Switzerland)

Our Bulletin

Not only we are experienced, we are a dynamic team of professionals too. Our knowledge of decentralised ledger technologies comes from our constant research and studies we undertake to keep our skills at top standards.

However, we want to do more: we want to share our knowledge on Blockchain compliance with people who, just like us, are very keen on learning everything on this powerful innovation, and that's why we created a Bulletin with the latest Blockchain compliance news. We release it every month on our Telegram channel. Join us to get the latest issue.

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Simone Casadei B.

Seasoned legal and compliance advisor. Author of many articles and books including Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Franco Nicosia

Over 20 years of experience in management and a strong ability in creating fruitful relationships with the investors.

Manuel Olivi

15 years of experience in security and digital privacy. Successful entrepreneur with expertise in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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